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By Laws Article V


Article V


Section 1 - Officers and Standing Committees

In addition to the pastor, the officers of this church shall be a clerk, treasurer, a

Sunday school director, and his/her assistant directors along with the department

directors, a director of the WMU, director of the brotherhood, deacons, trustees,

a committee of ushers. The terms of officers, except the pastor, music director and

standing committees shall date from the first day of September each church year.

Section 2 - Pastor

He shall be chosen on a singular basis, that is, no other minister considered in the

same balloting, by a minimum of 75% of the vote, unanimous if possible, of the church

members present. The vote taken by secret ballot at a special called conference during

a Sunday morning worship service, and shall extend to the call for an indefinite period.

His services may be terminated by a notice voted upon by the church. This may be done

at the desire of the church or the desire and prerogative of the pastor. He shall conduct

the public services of worship, and the general development of the church work and all

personnel. He shall be an ex-officio member of all boards and committees. He shall act

as moderator of all business meetings of the church. In his absence, the chairman of

deacons shall act as moderator. In the absence of the chairman of the body of deacons,

another deacon shall act. The church will meet for one revival each year. The pastor

under spiritual circumstances may see the need of two revivals each year. A study course

will be observed by the church according to the wishes of the pastor. The pastor shall be

eligible for two weeks vacation each year, and be allowed to be absent for commitments,

such as revivals, homecomings, or special events as the discretion of the church.

Section 3 - Clerk

The clerk shall keep accurately the record of all church business transacted at regular

and called business sessions of the church body, and shall keep a correct register

of the membership with the date and manner of their admission and dismissal. He/She

shall inform all members of their election or appointment to an office or committee.

At the monthly business meeting prior to the annual meeting of the district association

in which the church holds membership, he/she shall submit a statistical report of

membership for the past year, and a general record of the church suitable to serve

as the annual letter to the association. The clerk shall be elected annually.

Section 4 - Treasurer

The treasurer shall hold all monies belonging to this church and deposits shall be made in

a expediently as possible to the proper church account/accounts. All tithes, gifts, designated

gifts and/or monetary donations shall, upon receipt by WildwoodBaptistChurch, become

the sole property of WildwoodBaptistChurch and shall be subject only to the distribution

designated by church authority.

The treasurer shall, without special vote of authority, payout of the church funds

available for that purpose: all salaries, fixed charges, interest, water, rent, lights,

phone, fuel, etc. He/She shall pay all other bills only after they have been presented

to the church for approval. A check/checks over $250.00 shall require two signatures;

the treasurer and the assistant treasurer. He/She shall present a summary of the financial

condition of the church at each monthly business meeting and a complete report for

the annual letter to the association. He/She shall be elected annually and shall be

an ex­-officio member of the operating finance committee. The treasurer and the

assistant treasurer shall not be related in any way. The offices shall be the same duties

and requirements as the treasurer. The financial year shall begin on September I of

each year. Records of individual contributions to the church will be mailed or given

to the individuals on a yearly basis, if requested by individuals.

Second Amendment

Adopted June 3, 1992

Section 5 - Sunday School Director

The Sunday School director shall be the executive officer of the Sunday school

and shall exercise general oversight of all departments and report to the church

in the regular monthly business meeting. The assistant director shall work with the

director and pastor to encourage visitation and enlistment of new members.

He/She shall perform the duties of the general director in his/her absence. The departmental

directors shall direct the work of their respective departments, subject to the oversight of the

general director. The Sunday School staff shall be elected annually by the church.

Section 6 - Music Director

The music director shall be elected indefinitely by the church. He/She shall bring

before the church, the assistant and the instrumentalists who will be serving under his/her

supervision. He/She shall be responsible for the training of all choir members, and the

conducting of all music at the worship services and other special occasions.

Section 7 - Deacons

There shall be as many men serving as deacons as the church deems necessary, not more

than seven serving at any time. Elections for new deacons to be held at a regular church

conference, after having been contacted and examined by the pastor and body of deacons

for service according to I Timothy 3: 8-13 and after one month of notification has been given

to membership of the church. Membership without nomination, shall cast secret ballots for

potential candidates. The deacon body shall submit to the nominating committee in August

the name of the chairman to serve; no more than a 2-year term, with previous chairman

serving as vice chairman. An ordained deacon moving into the membership of this church

shall not be placed on the active roll of deacons until after 12 months and there being a

vacancy for him to serve on the body, and then voted on by the church. It shall be the duty

of the deacons to cooperate with the pastor in the oversight of the spiritual welfare and

work of the church. They shall at all times consider themselves as servants of the church.

They must maintain spiritual relations with all members and lead the church in a

well-planned program of visitation. They shall be charged with (1) preparation and distribution

of the Lord's Supper, and (2) assistance with baptismal candidates. Wildwood  Baptist Church

accepts I Timothy 3: 8-13 that God is speaking to man only in becoming a deacon and having

only one living wife.

Section 8 - Minister of Youth

The minister of youth will work under the direct leadership and supervision of the pastor,

seeking to cooperate and coordinate with the entire church program.


Will be responsible to assist the pastor in pastoral care of the congregation; will include

but not limited to personal evangelism and prospect visitation.

Will seek to win unsaved youth in the community to Christ and lead them toward responsible

church membership.

Will oversee and guide youth toward spiritual growth and maturity.

Assist pastor and Sunday School Director in working with the nominating committee

to plan for youth Sunday school.

Work with the budget committee by submitting a proposed youth budget for the upcoming

year. Give monthly report of activities and biblical studies to the church along

with future plans of activities.

Maintain journal/log of expenditures (i.e. youth summer camp expenses, etc.) to

turn in to the treasurer.

Have a "Team player" attitude, willing to do whatever necessary to help Wildwood Baptist 

Church achieve his/her objective in knowing Christ and making Him known.

Salary: Open

Section 9 - Trustees

Trustees will be elected only if and when needed by the church. The trustees will

be available to sign all legal papers, notes, etc. as authorized by the church.

Section 10 - Operating Finance Committee

The finance committee will be composed of persons elected by the membership of the church.


Section 11 - Benevolence Committee

The church will have a committee, with the treasurer acting as chairperson, with

the other church members elected from the floor.

Section 12 - Women's Missionary Union Director

She shall be elected by the ladies of the WMU, subject to the approval of the church,

prior to the annual meeting of the association. All circle persons and leaders shall be

subject to her supervision. She shall be responsible for a report to the church each

month at the regular business session.

Section 13 - Brotherhood Director

Each year, the brotherhood organization shall elect a man to serve as director to the

work among the men and boys. His election shall be subject to the approval of the

church. He shall present a report at each regular business meeting.

Section 14 - Nominating: committee

At the June business meeting of the church, a nominating committee of three

people shall be elected by nomination from the floor. If anyone declines, another vote

shall be taken. These three shall nominate the Sunday school director one month before

the election of church officers. The nominating committee shall remain active during

 the church year. The responsibility of this committee shall be to nominate candidates for each place

to be filled in all organizations, except the deacons, the brotherhood and WMU. 

Section 15 - Vacancy in Office

One who is elected into office in the church should be faithful in their support of the

church with their tithes, time, talent, or guidance by the Holy Spirit in their contributions.

If at any time a member cannot meet these qualifications, after proper notification

by the nominating committee, he/she shall consider his/her office vacant and after

approval by the church a qualified successor shall be elected.


Section 16 – Activities Committee

SUMMARY :  To provide social/recreational activities for Wildwood Baptist Church to

promote fun and fellowship. To host organizational meetings or any family type activities.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be

assigned. Maintain an inventory of paper plates, cups, etc. for serving a meal.
Maintain an inventory of condiments, cleaning supplies, etc. for running a kitchen.

At the beginning of the Church year (September), the committee will meet and plan for

the year the activities for at least 1 event during each month of the year.

Publicize activity in advance. Contact the person who does the Church bulletin to

promote the activity.

Organization is a must! The committee will be responsible for all food or food

preparations, food setup, decorations and clean up.

The committee will assist the Funeral and food committee’s leader and members

Will co-ordinate with Buildings & Ground Maintenance committee on the removal of

trash after any event.

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES – The leader will be responsible for contacting all

committee members of their duties for the up coming event. The leader is the host of

the event and the host must always make sure that everyone including her committee

members has enjoyed the event.  Leader will arrange for someone to fulfill their

responsibilities in their absence.

Adopted Jan. 6 2013


Section 17 – Building and Grounds Committee

SUMMARY - Perform routine and extensive grounds and building maintenance duties on all Wildwood Baptist Church facilities.
 include the following.

Other duties may be assigned.
Plants grass, flowers, trees and shrubs; prunes shrubs and trees to shape and

improve growth.
Sprays lawns,  trees and shrubs with fertilizers and insecticides.
Removes snow and ice from building walkways and steps; may rake leaves,

clean and sweep litter.

Clean and pressure wash outside of building(s).
Replacement of light bulbs.

Will co-ordinate with the Activities Committee or any other group at the church on the removal

of trash when necessary.

May perform minor repairs and maintenance procedures to all church facilities. Will inform

the Church when any minor improvements/renovations are to be done.

The Committee must submit any suggestions for major repairs/renovations to the church. 

  All major repairs/renovations must be submitted in writing with estimates from

three (3) contractors.
SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES - Pest control, lawn care and cleaning of the

church are under the supervision of the Building & Ground Maintenance Committee.

  Any major repairs/renovations

done by outside contractors will be supervised by the committee.


Adopted Jan. 6 2013