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Sunday, January 17, 2021
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By Laws Article VI


Article VI


Section 1 - The Lord's Day

The church shall meet regularly on each Lord's Day for public worship.

The Lord's Supper shall be observed at least once each quarter

at the morning or evening service at the discretion of the pastor unless otherwise directed by the church.

Section 2 - The Midweek Service

At least once each week, the church shall meet for prayer and praise to enable the membership and friends

of the church to be strengthened in their Christian walk between days of worship.

Section 3 - Business Meeting:

The second Sunday of each month, the church shall assemble to consider reports and recommendations

from the various organizations, officers, and committees. Minutes of previous meetings shall be read and considered.

The treasurer's report shall be given and any order of business from the membership shall be presented.

Robert Rules of Order in Parliamentary Procedure shall be used by the moderator in conducting all business session.

Special meeting shall be called by the pastor or in his absence by the chairman of deacons; a notice of one week to be given,

announced twice in the church prior to the meeting and starting the purpose to all members. Amended Sept. 6, 2015