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By Laws Article VIII

Article VIII

Section 1 - Quorum

In all business meetings, 20% of the active membership present shall constitute a quorum, except in special

meetings for

important business; such as calling a pastor, when 75% of the vote is required of the church members present.

Section 2 - Fiscal year of the Church

The fiscal year of the church shall begin on the first day of September in each year. All organizations within

the church shall keep correct records of their work and funds in books, shall report when so ever needed by

the church of the pastor and also to the monthly business meeting.

An annual report shall be given to the church clerk for the purpose of compiling the letter to the

association in which this church holds membership.

Section 3 - Manner of Conducting Business Meetings

The order of proceedings in the meetings shall be as follows: (1) devotion

(2) reading of the minutes of previous meeting's,

(3) treasurer's report

(4) written reports of organizations

(5) unfinished business

(6) old business

(7) recommendation and reports from committees

(8) recommendations from the deacons

(9) new business (10) prayer (adjourn). 


Section 4 - Licensing and Ordaining

Any male member who in the judgment of the church gives evidence by his devotion, zeal,

and "aptness to teach", that he is called of God to the work of the ministry, after having preached

in the hearing of the church, may be licensed to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ as approved

by the church, according to 1 Timothy 3: 1-7.

If some cooperating church of like faith and order shall extend a call to such licensed member

and if the church unanimously decides that one of its licensed preachers possesses the scriptural

qualifications for full ordination, it shall call a council for ministers and brethren from the

associated churches to examine the qualifications of the candidate to which council the

proprieth of ordaining shall be referred.

Adopted October 24,1988

Section 5 - Use of Church Facilities

Use for weddings, birthday parties, or reunions is to be granted to church members

and their extended family members (sons, daughters, grandchildren). No smoking or

alcoholic drinking or dancing will be allowed in church buildings.

There will be $50.00 deposit required for the use of the church. If the fellowship hall is

also used, there will be an additional $50.00 deposit required.

Wildwood Baptist Church will also allow non-members to use the facilities.

 There will be a $250.00 charge for use of the sanctuary and an additional $250.00 charge

if you wish to use the fellowship hall.  A cleaning deposit of $50.00 for each building

will be required in addition to the usage fee(s).  A member of the reservation committee

must be in attendance at all times.

If the premises are satisfactorily cleaned, the deposits(s) will be returned to you.

If you opt not to clean up, the $50.00/$100.00 deposit(s) will be forfeited and

the money applies toward the cost of having an outside party do the cleaning.

No pay required for funerals.   Amended April 6, 2014


Section 6 – Amend, suspend, or repeal the Constitution and By-Laws

 Motions to amend, suspend, or repeal the Constitution and By Laws may be

made at a regular church conference by vote of two thirds of the members present, provided

such motion shall have been submitted at a regular church conference thirty (30) days

previously in writing. Whenever a change or addition is considered, a committee of

three (3) members will be approved by church at a regular monthly business meeting.

The actual wording of this change or addition will be distributed during regular church

service two (2) weeks prior to the regular monthly business meeting

when the recommendation will be presented for approval.  I

n addition,  the proposed change or addition will be

read at each regular church service for the two (2) weeks prior

to the regular monthly business meeting.

Amended April 4, 2010

First amendments:

      The church shall contribute 10% or more to our associational missions,

divided percentage wise according to Article I, Section 2.

Adopted February 8, 1989