Wildwood Baptist Church of Griffin, GA Inc.
Thursday, August 16, 2018
Where Everyone Is Someone
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Staff and Officers

Pastor: Rev. Rick Whitlock
            Bro.Harold Betsill & Mrs. Pat 
            Bro. Wesley Blalock & Mrs. Sherry
            Bro.Lonnie Clower & Mrs. Shirley
            Bro.Steve Chitwood & Mrs. Karen
            Bro. Billy Long & Mrs. Cherry
            Bro. Lonnie McCormick & Mrs. Sharon 
Nominating Committee

Sherry Blalock,Brenda Hull, Jane Pearson

Activities Committee
Nancy Anderson, Shirley Clower, Tamarha Heard, Lavell Suggs


Benevolence Committee

Nancy Anderson, Steve Chitwood, Shirley Clower, Lavell Suggs

Bereavement Committee
  Nancy Anderson, Lavell Suggs
  Shirley Clower, Linda Fowler

Building/Yard Maintenance Committee

Lonnie Clower, Paul Durham, Ralph Hull, Billy Long, Pat Betsill

Wesley Blalock
Alternate Bulletin
Sherry Blalock
Church Decorations
Linda Fowler

Church/Fellowship Hall Reservations

Brenda Hull,Christie Wall

Brenda Hull
Assistant Pianist
Jane Pearson
Congregation/Choir Leader
Harold Betsill
Assistant Music Leader
Billy Long
Nursery Worker(s)
 Lavelle Suggs, Ruth Ann Wise
Jane Pearson
Assistant Clerk                     
 Sherry Blalock
Budget/Finance Committee                                   
 Nancy Anderson,Sherry Blalock,RuthAnn Wise,Billy Long &
alternate is Ricky Lynch
Nancy Anderson
      Assistant Treasurer 
Sherry Blalock     
RuthAnn Wise
Sherry Blalock
WMU Director
Jane Pearson  
Brotherhood Director
Alternate between members
Sunday School Director 

Adult Sunday School Teacher

Lonnie Clower

Women's Sunday School Teacher

Pat Hood Betsill

Children/Youth Sunday School Teacher(s)

Wesley Blalock, Linda Fowler

Asst.Children/Youth Sunday School Teacher(s)

Miriam Hannah,RuthAnn Wise

Van Driver(s)

Ricky Lynch, Stephen Wall

Van Rider(s) 
 Wesley Blalock,Billy Long,Cherry Long,Lonny Mccormick


Coordinator of Children/Youth Ministry 
 Cherry Long
Team Kids (Grades 1-5)

Cherry Long


 Cemetery Committee
 Deacons, Paul Durham, Clerk (Jane Pearson)